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Algarve Mac Centre is a locally owned and operated Apple / Mac sales, repair, servicing and support company, serving both business and home users across the Algarve.

Algarve Mac Centre is the Apple / Mac division of the Algarve Computer Centre, a Lagoa based computer and I.T. shop which opened in 2011, designed to serve the needs residents of the Algarve region both foreign and national. If you would like to learn more about Algarve Computer Centre, click HERE for more information.

Apple / Mac computer sales have increased in the Algarve in recent years, due in part to the launch of the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad. Apple / Mac computers were almost exclusively used by designers and publishers due to the display and processing capabilities. Most home users opted for the more cost effective PC equivalent. Those with a little more spend, or an eye for design, opted for the more elegant Apple / Mac computer.

Apple / Mac servicing and repair outlets have however not increased at the same rate in the Algarve leaving potential customers unsure whether to purchase an Apple / Mac computer due to a serious void of professional after-sales service options for both guarantee and non-guarantee repairs.

Algarve Mac Centre can provide full technical support, with guaranteed repairs and servicing on all Apple / Mac computers at the Mac Workshop in Lagoa. Algarve Mac Centre technicians can also go to your home or office in person or through remote software through the internet.

With fully trained and experienced technicians, Algarve Mac Centre are capable of repairing Apple / Mac desktop, Apple / Mac laptop and Apple / Mac notebook motherboards that have suffered fluid, water or electrical damage.

While Algarve Mac Centre is not an official Apple Authorised Service Provider, help is on hand with Apple warranty repairs with official Apple Authorised Service Providers as well as handling non-guarantee repairs on all Apple / Mac equipment.

Through Algarve Computer Centre, Algarve Mac Centre can help keep repair costs to a minimum in these challenging economic times, by encouraging the use of refurbished spares in computer repairs.

Algarve Mac Centre stock new and refurbished Apple / Mac laptops, Apple / Mac desktops, Apple / Mac notebooks, and iMac’s as well as the latest peripherals, including but not limited to printers, keyboards and mouses. If Algarve Mac Centre does not have the computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet you want, it can normally be ordered and ready for collection or delivery in no longer than 48 hours, usually with better prices that are more competitive than high street shop prices.

The Apple vision has ensured Apple's position in the computer market since the launch of the iPhone and the iPad remains strong. The iMac has become more financially available, and MacBook laptops have taken on newer, more chic appearances with thinner, lighter versions including the MacBook Air constructed using state-of-the-art technology and materials such as titanium and aluminium.

The launch of the Mac Pro, clearly shows Apple's desire to remain at the forefront of computer design. All Algarve Mac Centre staff, have up to date information on Apple/ Mac equipment and regular training is given to ensure staff have the level of knowledge customers deserve. Algarve Mac Centre prides itself on its friendly, efficient service, with an excellent understanding of customers and communicate in plain, common sense language.

Services at Algarve Computer Centre are not limited to Apple / Mac repairs, sales and servicing. The Algarve PC Centre, sells, services and repairs all types, makes and models of PC computer including desktops, towers, laptops and netbooks. If you want to know more about Algarve Computer Centre, the products or other services, please click HERE.

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